Name Words

Ka, Kaa, Ku, Dha, Chha, Ke, Ko, Haa.



Auspicious Ornaments

Emerald, Diamond, Sapphire.

Lucky Days

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

 You will gain much if you keep your opinions to yourself this month. There may be a lot of activities that may invoke an opinion from you. Be careful, stars predict volatile situation relating to such interaction. Everyone may not be matured enough to accept your judgement, on the contrary may take it as criticism and cause senseless squabbles. Be conservative and threat these persons with tact and wisdom. You may also avoid enmity this way. Your time is good for love and romance. Your domestic life will be good. Family members and near ones will be supportive provided you refrain from using sharp words. You must control any kind of casual approach to serious matter. Food should be regulated as stars predict stomach disorders. If there is any legal maters or some contract at the final stage, careful review is advised. It is best to avoid any landed property acquisition. You should leave it for some other time, as it is not a good time for all this now. You may incur loss in speculative activities.