Name Words

Maa, Mi, Mu, Me, Mo, Ta, Ti, Tu, Te.



Auspicious Ornaments

Coral, Topaz, Ruby.

Lucky Days

Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday.


You must be aware of your own position in the context of life right now. You are in a transitory phase. Your own actions will design the immediate future. You are generous, warm hearted and often completely oblivious of selfish interest. Be very practical about life now. This is not the time to let your heart rule you head. You are a powerful sign and your astral signature suggests that new avenues are open for a better tomorrow. Be receptive and controlled in your life style. Stop all useless activities if they seem that way to you. Take the counsel of your near and dear ones if you should feel the need. You need not worry about your finances - they will be taken care of. Love will be satisfying and invigorating in the first half. Be prepared for absolute out of the way behavior from your partner or beloved in the second half. In fact, you should be ideally the one to help in this situation. Your strength of purpose is unmatched in any realm. The only negative factor now is your emotion. Put a light harness and see how you ride swiftly towards happiness and prosperity.