Name Words

Di, Du, Thha, Jha, Tra, De, Do, Cha, Chi.



Auspicious Ornaments

Topaz, Pearl, Coral.

Lucky Days

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.

You may not be able to attend to what is normally a routine for you. A lot of changes are ahead of you. Materially, good times are ahead of you. You may enjoy prosperity by mid month. You have already surprised those around you with a compassionate and adaptable changed image. You start enjoying the fruits from now on. However there may be a sigh in your heart as a friend may make an exit. Life at home will be relaxing. There may be some worry relating to your children if you are a parent. There may not be much time for love and romance. Some casual escapades may happen, but nothing serious will come out of it. You have to be extra careful about your health. You may encounter or experience a strange experience, supernatural in nature. However, this will be positive for you and for those around you.