Name Words

Ye, Yo, Bha, Bhi, Bhu, Dhaa, Phaa, Dhha, Bhe.



Auspicious Ornaments

Topaz, Ruby.

Lucky Days

Thursday & Sunday.


You are marching ahead with optimism and success in your line of vision. This is a positive transitory phase for you. You must not let your sense of independence cloud your good sense. This is pointed out to your as there is an indication of yet another change relating to foreign land. Should you decide to opt for it, keep your focus on material success and nothing else. You may however be associated in something or the other with foreign land. First half of the month is very good for matters of the heart. This may extend to your attitude at home, where you will be extra sweet and obliging and with everyone's love and support you may be in your absolute charming self and vanquish enemies without battle. They may even have to shower praises on you, however grudgingly they may be. Be conservative where members of the opposite sex are concerned. If you are attached stick to your mate or be left on your own. If anything happens, you are aware who bear the blame!